Cetus3D MK3 – A Customizable 3D Printer

A minimalist, modularized printer that simply works.

What’s NEW on Cetus MKIII

NEW: V2 hotend support hardened steel nozzles to print abrasive materials

NEW: Support True-Touch Calibration probe, measure leveling and nozzle height values in a single process. Level the platform with 9 point matrix leveling.

NEW: Tinyfab CPU now supports MK3. It turns Cetus into a fully open source compatible printer. With this mod the printer will natively support Gcode printing and directly controlled by popular opensource/Reprap based softwares/mods such Simplify3D, Cura, Slic3r, Kisslicer, Repetier host, PrintRun, Craftware, Octoprint, Mosaic and etc.***

NEW: Full power heated build plate upgrade, can be controlled by software and heat up to 100C. Enable printing more difficult materials such as ABS.

NEW: 4.3” Colored Touch-screen control allow quick operation and show printer status.

– Compact form factor with relatively large build volume, small foot print easily fit on desktop or anywhere.

– Plug and Play printing experience, excellent out of box print quality.

– Minimal, open form, modular design allows easy maintenance, upgrade and modding.

– Fine controlled direct drive extruder (1.75mm filament) with a compact design and well tested by the market for reliability.

– 3 nozzle options (0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm included) with optimized profiles. Gives you highly detailed prints or fast draft.

– Special build platform coating firmly hold the print while allow easy removal.

– Support a large variety of materials: PLA, PET, PETG, TPU, TPE, PVA, ABS*,ASA*,HIPS*, PP*, PC*, PA/Nylon*, Metal-filled**, Wood-filled, Fiber-filled**

– Connect by USB or WIFI, support Window and Mac.

– Easy to use UP Studio 3D printing software with advanced functions eg. Smart Support Generation, Support preview and editing, Material profile manager, Task file formt for project sharing and monthly updates of software.

– Professional support team with quick response.

– Fast shipping, fullfilled from local warehouse, easy to get spare parts and accessores.


NEW Optional Upgrades for MKIII

Heated Build Plate

Optional high power heated build plate and perforated print board to support more difficult-to-print materials. eg ABS

Require Extension Board to work,Click Here to view more

Optional 220W Power Supply

Optional 220W power supply to drive heat build plate to 100 ℃. Better performance when printing ABS.

Auto Calibration Probe (Coming Soon)

True-touch auto calibartion measure the platform leveling and nozzle height in a single process. The printer is leveled in form of 9 point matrix and make sure the best dimensional accuracy and first layer adhesion.

Require Extension Board to work,Click Here to view more

V2 Hotend (Coming Soon)

Compare to the current version, this hotend will able to use steel nozzles for printing abrasive material and support softer materials. It supports all Cetus printers ( MK1,2,3), just swap out the old hotend to upgrade!

Open Source CPU (Coming Soon)

A neat solution by Tinyfab, this CPU converts MKIII into a complete open source 3D printer running Smoothieware firmware. What does that mean? Think of running Windows on Mac. It will gave native support of Gcode and control printer via popluar reprap based softwares like Simplify3D, Slic3R, Cura, Octoprint and more.

Touch-screen Control (Coming Soon)

A 4.3″ full color touchs-creen control with Plug and play installation. let you control the printer without a computer and see the printer status in real time.

Cetus 3D Milestones

Our dedication to Cetus lines is still going STRONG!

Inherited Great Features of MK1 & MK2

High Modularity

3 x Axis Modules

As a truly essential system, the body is made of aluminum extrusions,and the machine is simplified into only six modules

3 Nozzle Options 0.2mm / 0.4mm / 0.6mm

With Optimized Preset Profiles

Quality Linear Rails

  • Self-lubricated

  • Maintenance Free

  • High Precision

  • Long Lifespan

  • Quiet

Effective Coated Build Plate

  • Easy To Remove

  • Durable

  • Sticky to PLA & Other Materials

  • Tolerant to Nozzle Height Error

      Upgradeable to Full Power Heated Build Plate


Support a large variety of materials:

* Represents heated bed is required

**Represents Steel Nozzle is suggested to use

  • PLA
  • PET
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • TPE
  • PVA
  • Wood-filled
  • ABS*
  • ASA*
  • HIPS*
  • PP*
  • PC*
  • PA/Nylon*
  • Metal-filled**
  • Fiber-filled**

Prints Gallery by Cetus Creative Users

Dedicated PLA Filaments

Cetus 700g PLA Filament, 1.75mm

UP Fila PLA Filament, 500g*2 , 1.75mm


How to Setup Cetus MK3 3D Printer


See the Cetus MK3 In Action!

MK2/MK1 Reviews by Cetus3D Users

4.8 ★
4.8 of 5 stars
47 reviews
Pphuser Smith

Quality mechanics, great value and a fantastic community.

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Martin-Linda Williams

Great build quality, easy to use and reliable consistent prints

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Ron-Linda Carson

Great printer. Easy setup. Great quality. Has great support and community forum.

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Niavlys Reinrot

Cette imprimante Cetus 3D (je possède 3 imprimantes MK2: 1 standard et 2 extended) permet de franchir un pas en avant par rapport aux imprimantes dépourvues de rails linéaires.
En imprimant lentement (option 'fine' dans UP studio) et avec un filament Mat, on obtient...

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Pph Freelancer

Great quality and good price, fantastic user community, good support.

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Kwang Wei Ong

I am from Singapore. I placed an order for a Cetus Mk3 3D printer on 11 Nov 2018 just 10 minutes before the flash sale was over. I am amazed to receive the printer on the 13 Nov 2018 at 4.10pm. How did they do...

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Hiroyuki  Sakakura


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Andreas Kellermann

Easy setup, just works out of the box. Official ABS support from cetus would be niche.

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Armando-Fernando Wehrli

This printer is an amazing product. Low price, very precise, easy to use and to explain to students. We just received 20 of them. And till now, we are very happy with!

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Milan Gupta

It beat out my $3000 makerbot 2x in reliability, print quality and ease of setup/use. It just works !!

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Steve Bolton

Cetus3D are a rarity indeed. An asian company that understands using reliable parts and quality control in their products instead of just the cheapest. They have good customer support too which helped when I bought replacement parts (for problems of my own, not the printer).

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Cetus3D Print
More tiny things printed in Wood filled PLA plastic.
Hot pic by @bluedinoskits 2 more characters and another piece to go.
Did a prototype of my wedding cake topper.
One @makersmuse Christmas torture test printed at 10 degrees too much - the other spot on!
Finished!! #3Dprinted by @Cetus3D 👍
Carl testing the height limit of the @Cetus3D Extended printing some Nerf rail. Pretty amazed that actually worked.
A few days since the 3D printer arrived, lots of fun and learning Cetus3D.
Project completed with a great and accurate Cetus 3D printer.
3DPrinted using Aromatic Coffee on CETUS.
Happy Easter everyone!!!
I think they have accepted their new mech friend to protect their creator.
Hrm half way to a full mask.
All the Rolex GMT 1675 pieces ready to be assembled.