Cetus3D Privacy Policy Update

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At Tiertime, we value your privacy. All the information you share with us, store in our server, and communicate in our public forum are part of the assets in our ecosystem that we commit to protect.

In the Privacy Policy dated 2016, we have already clearly explained what Personal Data we collect, and why we collect it. In order to provide more transparent privacy practices, give more choices for you to control your data, and conform to the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we updated our Privacy Policy.

GDPR is a law that will benefit all the customers in the Internet Era, and our update, not only in the Privacy Policy, but also in our products, including printers, software, and websites are in conformance to the GDPR, and we will keep working on user data protection the first priority when it comes to our customer’s privacy.

Please read the Privacy Policy and other Policy update carefully, and take actions accordingly. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy ensures the continuation of your service and the benefit that Tiertime offers.

If you have any concerns regarding to privacy related issues, please do not hesitate to contact us privacy@tiertime.net.



Team Tiertime

Warning: Price Adjustment Coming Soon!

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Dear Customers,

Due to unexpected global shortage and appreciation of linear rails, we have to no choice but to increase price, start from 15th April 2018.

The sudden increase in demand of industrial automation in many countries, resulted in shortage of high precision linear motion component in Asia Pacific Region. Despite our active negotiation, IKO cannot continue to supply linear rails to us in the foreseeable future as their product capacity seems to be all occupied and booked for the entire 2018. Even we are now switching to other linear rails brands such as CPC  and HIWIN, under current overbought market for linear rails we are still facing a significant increase in procurement price. In order to maintain the quality of our products and still have reasonable profit to continue production, we have no choice but to increase the price of Cetus3d printers. After 15th April 2018 following prices will be applied.

Cetus 3D Printer Standard Version – 399 USD

Cetus 3D Printer Extended Version – 499 USD

All printers produced in April 2018 will be installed with either CPC or HIWIN linear rails.

For exist users consider you bought a rising stock, for future customers I would suggest you buy before price adjustment date.

A Fresh Start for 2018

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Hello Guys,

As you can see we have updated our website, in the transitional period there could be problems in various functions.
We will try our best to fix them as soon as possible.

Here are some updates for Cetus3D
1. New website will support more and better functionalities, such better shopping experience, better forum and new help center based customer supports.
2. Open up possibility for third party developers/seller to sell their own Cetus mods on Cetus3d.com.
3. We hiring more people and will definitely provide better support in terms of sales and technical services.
4. Last but not least, more upgrades for Cetus.

Some know problems for existing customers:
1. Previous order history will not be available in your current user account. We have all the order history backed up, so dont worry, just send us email for any sales related problem.
2. Moshop went offline, as we need to reconsider this app and restructure resource. We will soon provide a way to access to existing contents for free.