Cetus MK3 3D Printer Review

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                                                                                                                                        ——— by George

Today I will reviewing a Pre-Production Cetus MK3. I would also like to add that this is Pre-Production unit which means that you printer may be different to mine as it is still in the design process. I will post a link to Cetus’s website below. Anyway lets get onto the review!


I received this printer a few weeks ago now so I have had a good chance to put it through its paces. The assembly of this machine was fairly simple. The instructions were not the best but enough to get you though the process of building the printer. There are some things that should be added to the instructions that I am going to add here. One is that the printed part on the left side of the machine that stops the X Carriage from falling down needs to be adjusted. The other is where you insert the Bowden tube.

The Print Quality:

This machine’s ability to print is exceptional. The only thing holding it back is the software. When the printer arrived I had an issue with very slight under extrusion on the top layer. I later found out that I could change the filament diameter slightly to counter this. Apart from this the dimensional accuracy of the prints is dead on with great looking prints all over. You do have to print with a raft on this printer which can be seen as a waste of material but it really isn’t as bad as some people state. You can also change the nozzle with the provided nozzles on this printer which is a massive bonus if you want to either print fast or in high detail. I will leave some pictures below!

Makers Muse Lattice Cube, A Benchy, Gyroscope and an Adalinda
My self designed pot. Printed in Prusament Galaxy.

The Build Quality:

Mostly I would say that the build quality is amazing. The linear rails provide really nice and accurate movement which is perfect for 3D Printing. I wish that some of my other printers had linear rails too as it seems to give high layer accuracy. I think that the hotend design is really good for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to switch out the nozzles that are provided (0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm). Another thing I like about this build is the wiring. Normally with 3D Printers the wires have many connectors but on the Cetus they all connect to one connector to keep everything simple. Another feature on the Cetus that I like is the Buildplate. It may not be heated but the it just sticks. The bed is like magic. On most printers I have to stand next to it and wait for the first layer to be done, with the Cetus I have complete trust in it and can just send the file to it and leave it to do its thing. The Cetus is also a direct drive which means you can print flexible materials fairly easily compared to a Bowden style set up. For connectivity, you can either connect over USB or over WiFi. One small problem that I noticed was that my thermistor had come loose on the hotend. Luckily I had some high temperature resistant glue on hand which helped seal things up. I expect this is very rare and Cetus would help anyone who had this issue as they have great customer service. One thing that Cetus has thought about while designing and producing this printer is upgradability. The have gone back to mechanical endstops to make it easy for modifications. Here are some pictures of my printer.

Simple Connector
The Magic Buildplate

The Software:

This is a new section for my reviews that I will add if the company provides software. Tiertime’s software for the Cetus is the same as for the UP 3D Printers (which look awesome by the way). It is called up studio and I would say that it is perfect for any beginner coming into 3D printing for the first time. As an experienced user I would say that the Cetus’s slicer is limiting for people who have used other slicers. I would say that it is way better than the XYZ software which also aims to help beginners. It would be really nice for Cetus to make some profiles for other slicers so that people can use whichever slicer they please or add more professional aspects to the current slicer that can be turned on in settings. I believe they are working on this now as they already have a more complex version available for Windows users.

Up Studio Pros and Cons:


Very easy assembly

Brilliant print quality

Easy software for beginners

Very strong build quality

Ability to print flexible materials

Easy wiring

Accurate prints

Great build plate adhesion

On the quieter side of my 3D Printers


Lacking professional software

Could have clearer instructions

May need slicer tweaking


I think this printer is great for beginners with confidence to put a simple kit together and figure some things out. In the future when this printer has software for more experienced users it will become a go to printer for everyone as it has a low price point and great quality which combats higher priced printers on the market. Tiertime have also told me that they will be coming out with a range of upgrades for the Cetus MK3 which I hope I can cover later on. I think Tiertime seem like a great 3D Printer company that really are innovating and improving the 3D Printers in our market. I hope that I can collaborate with them in the future with some of their UP products as they seem just as amazing as the Cetus.