Free Extruder Replacements for Cetus MK2

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Hello fellow Cetizens,

If you are still using the V2 type extruder (with a spring loaded lever) like the following:

We are now offering FREE V1 extruder replacement for V2 extruders users.

Please send us following for replacement:

  1. Machine serial number
  2. Shipping Address with phone number
  3. A photo of your extruder

Send the above info to [email protected] with title: “V2 Extruder Replacement”

Why the V2 extruder need to be replaced?

We found that the parts of the extruder assembly of V2 are not very durable, they tend to worn out over time, which result in unstable extrusion. The typical symptoms are extrusion with variable width and extrusion interruptions. V2 extruder was suppose to replace V1 because it is much more capable of printing flexible materials, but we believe reliability is the first priority we decide to revert back to previous design until a more robust V2 design is validated.