Cetus2 3D Printer Deluxe Version with 2KG PLA

  • Fulfilled from China Stock and include 2KG FREE PLA (color random).


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Cetus2 Extruder Design

Dual Direct Extrusion

Cross-section of hotend

Compact Extrusion Motor

with built-in Gear Box to maintain a strong torque for material extrusion.


Dual channel design with separate melt zones, minimize color mixing inside nozzle. Allow fast material switch

Extrusion Mechanism

A pair of compact extrusion mechanism packed into a print head for dual extrusion 3d printing.

Dual Heater Module

The hotend has two sets of independent heating modules. So the temperature of the two melt zones can be maintained at different values.

Cetus2 Nozzle Cut Open

Two independet material channel meet at the opening of the nozzle. The mixing volume of the nozzle is greatly reduced.

Melt Zone

The two melt zones are separated from each other and only meets at the opening. They contain PTFE tubes for smooth flow of materials.

On-the-Fly Material Switching​

Colorful, not Wasteful

Cetus2 Hotend


Regular Hotend

Cetus2 hotend contain 2 mostly separate melting zone, the 2 materials converge just above the nozzle orifice. The volume that allows the materials to mix is very small, therefore the amount that need to be purge is greatly reduced.

In order to change color, the entire melt zone need to reload the with new color/material. Therefore a regular hotend need to purge a large amount of material during color change, the resulting purge tower usually bigger than the print itself.

purge volume comparison between cetus2 hotend and regular hotend

Flexible Purging Strategy

Automatic Parameteric Purge Tower

Purge Into Infill

Allows Custom Designed Purge Tower

1. Quickly add a configurable purge tower for any dual color print. Good for newbie or quick drafts. Produce small amount of waste.

2. Check the option "Infill" preferred to purge into infill. Produce no waste but not suitable for print with little or no infill.

3. Use custom model for purge tower. In this case a purge tower is designed to be inside the print, no waste produced.

Blending Colors On Your Prints!

Warning: Experimental Feature, May Produce Unexpected Results!

Single-color production limits makers who desire creative color patterns or real-life details. However, with Cetus2, each color can be mixed at any ratio you choose, sparking your creativity and turning your ideas into a colorful reality.

Make your own dual-color co-extrusion prints, blend new colors that are not on the market, such as this mysterious pink, by co-extruding orange and blue at 50/50. Start enjoy the perspective-based color with Cetus2 and produce the most visually striking 3D prints.

Color switches on ridges to form color transitions
50-50 mixing of blue and orange

Mixing Green and Red at Different Extrusion Ratios

Material: Transparent PLA, Green and Red

Cetus2 color mixing at various ratios

Sliced by Cura

Even for two channels, it is still possible to produce a gradient of colors in the same print, thanks to color mixing capability of Cetus2 hotend.

Multi-Material 3D Printing

Cetus2 has the ability to combine 2 different materials in the same print model, giving users a powerful new tool for creativity. Quickly switch colors and materials to generate high-quality prints with dazzling aesthetics that set you free from the limitations of typical 3D printers.

Dedicated Software UP Studio 3

Cetus2’s multi-material system allows you to define every position of material switching on the model with a simple setup. Usually, designers need to set colors by dividing models into different parts, this may require advanced modeling skills. Now with Tiertime UP Studio 3, you can always add the color later, in a few simple steps!

Colorize Models with a few Clicks​

Custom Image as Texture Maps

You are able to select a customized bitmap to paste on the model. Simply load your model, adjust the position of the subject, and select image texture, you’re good to go. After easy settings to suit your preference, you can slice and be ready for your artwork.

Texture Mapping

Facet Selection

Print Colors with Clear Boundary

up studio 3 dual color printing regional mode by cetus2

Print Color Transitions

articulated dragon by Mcgeebear

Articulated Dragon designed by MCGYBEER

More Convenient Features

Mesh Bed Leveling

Perfect First Layer

Manual leveling can be tedious and time-consuming, which can discourage people from getting started with 3D printing. With a built-in sensor, Cetus2 is able to initialize with Fully Automatic Leveling and Z-Level Calibration to prepare for any task, saving you time and eliminating complicated setup.

AC Powered Heated Bed

Heat up from room temperature to 90 C in 5 minuts.

Multiple Connectivity

You can use Type-C USB or a standard size SD Card to upload models you wish to print, or you can control and send print jobs to Cetus2 remotely – through its Stable WI-FI connection. Powered by Expressif, an industrial leader in WiFi and AIOT chip design, this new printer CPU will give the printer massive improvement on WI-FI stability.

Touchscreen Control

Easy, Safe and Intelligent

With a built-in intelligent filament detection module, Cetus2 increases the success rate of printing by ensuring the accurate loading of filament. It also pauses printing and notifies you when the filament is running out or broken.

Filament Sensing Module Design

Detects Filament, Presence, Blockage, Entanglement, Feeding Issues

All Popular Filament Supported

Cetus2 supports various printing materials on the market, from soft to hard, water-soluble to foam-based. Whether you want to create something with widely used 3D printing materials such as PLA or produce functional prototypes from engineering materials – Cetus2 can handle any task with ease and blended creativity. A magical printing world is ready for you to explore.

Fast and Silent Printing

The steel linear guideway of Cetus2 provides the stability and strength for high-level printing performance with reliability and accuracy. The advanced TMC Silent Stepper Driver makes the whole machine silent during printing. 3D printing no longer distracts making Cetus2 a better choice for home printing or classroom settings.

SpecificationCetus2 Deluxe
ExtruderOTFS Direct Dual Extrusion
Material Diameter1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm, 0.6mm
Max. Nozzle Temperature280°C
Max. Extruder Speed200mm/sec
Motion Control System5-Axis Synchronized
Stepper Motor DriverTMC 2209 (Silent)
Printing Volume200*300*300mm (X-Z-Y)
Printing Accuracy±0.1mm/100mm
Layer Thickness0.05-1.0mm
LevelingAutomatic Leveling by Pressure Sensor
Nozzle Height / Z-LevelAutomatic Measurement by Pressure Sensor
Build Platform SurfaceCarborundum Glass
Max Platform Temperature100°C
Material Flow MonitorDetectable Conditions:
1. Filament Presence;
2. Filament Breakage;
3. Extruder Blockage.
Native Gcode SupportYes, Read Gcode Directly
SoftwareUP Studio 3 (Slicer)
Wand (Host)
3rd Party Software SupportYes, Cura, SuperSlicer, etc.
Material CompatibilityPLA, PVA, PETG, TPU, etc. Open Materials
ConnectivityUSB-C, WiFi, SD Card
Screen4.3 TFT Color Touchscreen
Power Input110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 400W
Physical Dimension470x600x460 (W-H-D)
Packaging Dimension610x280x500mm (W-H-D)
Product Weight15KG
Shipping Weight18.5KG