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4.7 ★
4.7 of 5 stars
43 reviews
Pph Freelancer

Great quality and good price, fantastic user community, good support.

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Kwang Wei Ong

I am from Singapore. I placed an order for a Cetus Mk3 3D printer on 11 Nov 2018 just 10 minutes before the flash sale was over. I am amazed to receive the printer on the 13 Nov 2018 at 4.10pm. How did they do...

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Hiroyuki  Sakakura


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Andreas Kellermann

Easy setup, just works out of the box. Official ABS support from cetus would be niche.

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Armando-Fernando Wehrli

This printer is an amazing product. Low price, very precise, easy to use and to explain to students. We just received 20 of them. And till now, we are very happy with!

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Milan Gupta

It beat out my $3000 makerbot 2x in reliability, print quality and ease of setup/use. It just works !!

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Steve Bolton

Cetus3D are a rarity indeed. An asian company that understands using reliable parts and quality control in their products instead of just the cheapest. They have good customer support too which helped when I bought replacement parts (for problems of my own, not the printer).

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Dawid Verwey

I’ve had my printer for a week now and I’m blown away by the print quality. Was pretty easy to set up and get going (my first printer, so zero experience).

Only negative is about the quality of the filament they...

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Enrico Riboni

I find the machine amazing and easy to use.

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Kirino Ruri
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We want everyone to enjoy the fun of 3D printing

Let your ideas realized and shared in a simple and tangible way.

However, most 3D printers on the market are difficult to use, unreliable and expensive. 3D printers tend to be ever more complicated, bulky and confusing. Therefore we made a printer for you and ourselves, the Cetus, a minimalist printer that delivers the joy of creating and building ideas.


3 x axis modules

As a truly essential system, the body is made of aluminum extrusions,and the machine is simplified into only six modules.

Quality Linear Rails

Self-lubricated | Maintenance Free | High Precision | Long Lifespan | Quiet

3 Nozzle Options with Preset Profiles

0.2 mm HD

0.4 mm HD

0.6 mm HD

Small Size but a BIG Printing Volume

With a total weight of 3.2 kg and machine dimensions of 260x260x280mm/10.2″x10.2″x10.7″

Cetus is highly portable so you can take your creativity anywhere!

Build Volume

180x170x180 mm / 7″x6.6″x7″

Machine Volume

Cetus3D Print
More tiny things printed in Wood filled PLA plastic.
Hot pic by @bluedinoskits 2 more characters and another piece to go.
Did a prototype of my wedding cake topper.
One @makersmuse Christmas torture test printed at 10 degrees too much - the other spot on!
Finished!! #3Dprinted by @Cetus3D 👍
Carl testing the height limit of the @Cetus3D Extended printing some Nerf rail. Pretty amazed that actually worked.
A few days since the 3D printer arrived, lots of fun and learning Cetus3D.
Project completed with a great and accurate Cetus 3D printer.
3DPrinted using Aromatic Coffee on CETUS.
Happy Easter everyone!!!
I think they have accepted their new mech friend to protect their creator.
Hrm half way to a full mask.
All the Rolex GMT 1675 pieces ready to be assembled.

Novel Build Surface

The build plate is a 3mm aluminum plate, which ensures a perfectly flat build surface. It is fixed onto the linear guide directly, and there are no moving parts between the slider and the build plate. This ensures that the build surface is flat and parallel along the X-axis. The Y-axis is carefully calibrated in the factory, so users can start printing right out of the box, and there is no need to level the machine before getting to work!

Easy To Remove
Sticky to PLA & Other Materials
Tolerant to Nozzle Height Error

Smart Support Technology

Tiertime was the first 3D printer manufacturer to offer software with automatically-generated support structures for additive manufacturing systems costing less than $5,000. Based on years of experience with our industrial line, UP Studio includes a unique algorithm to generate easily-removable supports. Support settings can be tweaked to refine maximum overhang angle and support density.



Software: Best of Both Worlds

  • Powerful, yet renowned for simplicity and usability
  • Smart-Support Technology: Auto-generation of support structures
  • Both software-assisted calibration and automatic calibration
  • 3D model error detection and correction
  • Customizable bed and nozzle temperature settings
  • Convert 2D images into 3D images
  • Importable file formats: .up3, .ups, .stl, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds, .gcode
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Back You Up!

Our international support team provide technical support to Worldwide customers.
We use professional ticket system to provide email support and real-time chat.
Tiertime Service hotlines and serivce center available in USA.
Distributor support available in Europe.

We are Close to You

Global Stores to reach you faster at lower cost.


Join us for our Merry Christmas Sale December 15th-30th!
Limited Time Only !
Tiertime Global Store https://zurl.co/f2jX
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Cetus3D is feeling great.

Cetus MKIII Pre-Production Review

| Cetus 3D
How to Setup Cetus MK3 3D printer

How to Setup Cetus MK3 3D printer

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Jay started his 3D printing lectures in 2012. As the first full time 3D printing expert in Taiwan, he combined his interests with his own profession, and turned his teaching center into a studio to promote 3D printing technology.


3D printed electric model car racing competition. Can the model racing team overcome the difficulties and win the victory?


Cetus Z Axis Extension Kits Coming!




How to make an original figure of your own?
Click on the video and Let's find the answer together!

It is a passionate school teacher, who gives each student the opportunity to express themselves. The reward of € 1,350 is received collectively. 3D printing is a real teaching tool, and it is a transversal project around the 3D printing.
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It is a passionate school teacher, who gives each student the opportunity to express themselves. The reward of € 1,350 is received collectively.
3D printing is a real teaching tool, and it is a transversal project around the 3D printing.


The last event is over!#Building a 3D Printer Farm for Education#
We have selected two lucky friends~ @Ushi Gyuniku @Nolan Doktor Congratulations on getting the free filaments! I hope everyone supports Tiertime to actively participate in our welfare...

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Hello fellow Cetizens,

If you are still using the V2 type extruder (with a spring loaded leveler) like the following:

We are now offering FREE😉 V1 extruder replacement for V2 extruders users.

Please send us following...