Cetus3D Update

Cetus Z Axis Extension Kits Coming

Many Cetus Standard version owners have been asking for an upgrade to Extended version. Now we want to tell you
Cetus3D Update

Hackaday’s Guide to Make CETUS Silent

Days ago Dan Malone from HACKADAY posted a great article introducing how Linas K,a Youtube blogger improved his CETUS printer
Cetus3D Update

Free Extruder Replacements for Cetus MK2

Hello fellow Cetizens, If you are still using the V2 type extruder (with a spring loaded lever) like the following:
Cetus3D Update

Cetus3D Privacy Policy Update

At Tiertime, we value your privacy. All the information you share with us, store in our server, and communicate in
Cetus3D Update

Warning: Price Adjustment Coming Soon!

Dear Customers, Due to unexpected global shortage and appreciation of linear rails, we have to no choice but to increase
Cetus3D Update

Access to Legacy Cetus3d Website and Order History

Dear Customers, Since our website update, members will not able to see their order history prior to the update. To
Cetus3D Update

A Fresh Start for 2018

Hello Guys, As you can see we have updated our website, in the transitional period there could be problems in