Cetus2 Wand Server


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  • Out of box print server solution;
  • ARM-based microcomputer, with Wand server pre-installed. Support connection to multiple printers through Wifi. Monitor and control multiple printers in one place;
  • Allows you to transfer files and debug the status of the printer without having to go to the printer every time, as well as remotely view the print status via webcam.

Included Parts:

  • 1*Wand Server;
  • 1*Antenna;
  • 1*Surveillance Camera;
  • 1*Power Supply;
  • 1*Printer Connection Cable.


  • 4.3 inch Touchscreen;
  • Quad-core ARM-53 CPU;
  • 1Gb RAM;
  • 4Gb Storage;
  • WIFI and Ethernet;
  • Include 1-year Remote Access subscription (total 2 years for KS Backers)


  • Only support Tiertime & Cetus3D printers with WIFI capability.

Quick Start Guide: