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Mixing Ratio of Dual Nozzles

Cetus2 color mixing at various ratios

​Do you know that our printers now use dual nozzles to mix two half-transparent material very evenly? If you don't believe me, you can see the effect in the picture.

Half-transparent Material

Schematic Diagram of Material

Actual Extrusion

50%:50%, Bule and Yellow

Now, you might be wondering, is it possible to mix colors in different proportions? I tell you, yes. You can use the Cura software to adjust the color ratio to achieve the effect you want. You can see the effect of the following pictures.

This table explains how we set the ratio of extrusion. We select up to 7 extruders, and T0 represents extruder 1, T1 represent extruder 2. The P-value represent the ratio assigned for the extruders.

These 7 models were printed by us at one time, and the filaments were not replaced in the middle. For specific tutorials, you can click the following video.

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