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Add Texture to a 3D Print

Add Texture to a 3D Print

Have you ever thought about adding some patterns to the model while using the printer? We can do it now! You are able to select a customized bitmap to paste on the model. Simply load your model, and select image texture, adjust the position of the subject,then you can get a multi-color model.

From a single colored stump to a striped stump, the following 3 steps were performed.

Choose a Stump Model

Stick the Bark-textured on the Stump

Get the Multi-color Model

We also made a more beautiful model. This model started out as just a single color vase. After we added patterns, it became a blue and white porcelain vase.

We selected 3 different patterns, pasted them on the vase, and then printed the model. The effect as follows.

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